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Windstorm Damage and Clean Up: The Pacific Northwest is known for its periodic high winds and the resulting downed trees, strewn limbs and branches. These can pose significant safety hazards and prompt, professional response can prevent further damage and restore your grounds to pristine condition.



Tree Removal
There are many reasons to make the decision to have a tree removed; among them are danger trees (trees which can cause an imminent and immediate hazard to property or personal safety), unhealthy trees (trees which may have decayed or damaged beyond their ability to sustain their own weight), trees which have grown beyond a manageable condition and no longer can be properly maintained, or simply trees which detract from the continued beauty of your grounds. In many cases tight quarter trees (trees which by nature of their growth location are extremely difficult to either access or properly maintain) may need to be removed for safety to surrounding structures. Our equipment has been configured specifically to assist with these terrain and structure limitations. A call to Acme Tree Works can provide you with a professional and courteous review of your trees, their condition, professional recommendations and exceptional execution.

Acme Tree Works can provide all phases of storm debris clean up, hauling,
branch removal and on site chipping. Our efficient, high volume reduction equipment converts piles of tree and brush debris into small, easily transported chips and mulch. Chips can be used on site or removed for environmentally sustainable disposal. Our chips have been used for such applications as buffalo and cattle stable bedding, walkways and commercial compost. A muddy trail can be converted to a luxurious, mulch covered pathway for year-round enjoyment by the addition of chips made from your branches and limbs

Precision Stump Grinding
Now that the once beautiful tree is gone, all that remains is an unsightly stump. Many lots are littered with the remains of cut trees; only the sad and pitiful stumps remaining. These can harbor insect and rodent pests and interfere with your lot improvement plans. Our cost effective mechanical stump grinding is quick, efficient and can remove those cumbersome stumps from sight forever.

Our equipment is capable of grinding the stump up to 13” below grade and is configured for tight quarter access. Don’t dig it out yourself; call Acme Tree Works for a rapid, competitive quotation and prompt service. Clean topsoil cavity backfill is available upon request.

View Improvement

Whether for general esthetics, property appraisals, increased sunlight or shadow configuration, Acme Tree Works can provide prompt and attentive assistance in providing or improving your cherished scenic panorama

Due to the potential for the future health and safety of the tree, topping is not recommended for most situations; other more appropriate options may be available. Please call for an onsite inspection and professional assessment.

To ensure the health and continued beauty of your trees, periodic and professional pruning can provide an additional measure of safety and longevity. Our trained staff can provide your trees with a carefully crafted and executed maintenance program.

The practice of tree limbing (the selected removal of unwanted or damaged tree limbs) can assist in your total tree care program by elevating bottom branches to provide ground level space improvements, improve the esthetics of your grounds by the removal of unsightly branches, poor growth, dead or decaying limbs and reduce wind sail (the effect of wind against trees with densely packed limbs offering greater air resistance, which can result in catastrophic failure and significant potential for property damage and personal injury) by thinning selected limbs. Acme Tree Work’s technicians can provide professional consultation and exceptional tree limb maintenance.

Fire Hazard Abatement

Frequently the Pacific Northwest is subject to long dry periods. Low brush and tree growth in the proximity of buildings can become uninvited fuel in times of fire danger and can constitute a potential life and property threatening hazard. A call to Acme Tree Works can remove and reduce potential fire fuels to minimize risk of wild fire.

Additional Services

Animal Rescue:
Did your cat climb your tree and needs to be rescued? Don’t call 911 for Emergency Services, call Acme Tree Works. Many relieved pets and their owners have Acme to thank for their prompt and professional attention to a stranded family member.

Wildlife Habitats: Care for our friends of the forest:

  • Bat Houses: Were you aware that bats are one of man’s most valuable natural allies? By reducing the number of yard and garden insect pests, bats can provide a natural alternative to chemical pesticides. A properly constructed and strategically installed bat house can offer a habitat for these often misunderstood yet beneficial forest creatures.
  • Owl Boxes: For rodent and undesirable bird control, owls have proven to be a valuable asset. Properly built and placed housing can attract and maintain a balanced population of owls, providing small rodent control and minimizing the presence of nuisance birds such as crows.

Lot Clearing: Do you need more available ground space? Getting ready to improve a wooded lot?  Need to create a park-like setting? Acme can provide you with a carefully executed step-by-step clearing plan, ensuring your project is cost effective, safe, properly scheduled and professionally completed.

Urban Logging:
Does your lot possess trees that no longer have a purpose? Is there viable timber that can be recovered? A call to Acme Tree Works can provide professional guidance and recommendations for an effective and environmentally responsible solution.

Timber Marketing: Need to convert standing timber to cash? We can provide all phases of timber assessment and market opportunity for the unwanted trees on your site.

Crane Service Available: Call 360-739-3759 now for an estimate.